Friday, February 6


Okay, neither Angela and I have posted for a long time. We have been fighting the various sicknesses going around since Christmas, but I think we are finally about all well or at least on the mend. I was sick a lot of Christmas through New Years. Owen has had two ear infections (he is averaging one a month since he got his tubes...what is up with that). Kate has been sick a couple times, but somehow only remains sick for 24 hours (maybe it is those Coley/Wagoner horse genes I hear about). Now Angela is finally getting over a sinus infection (she actually went to the doctor this week, so I know it was serious). This week we had the joy of Angela with a sinus infection, Owen with an ear infection, and Kate with a 100 degree fever. I hope everyone is better this weekend or I am quarantining the house and moving to a hotel.
In brighter news we have been having a rash of snow in Knoxville (multiple snow storms and accumulation of over an inch over the last month qualifies for a rash of snow in East TN). I have posted a couple cell phone pictures Angela took and a picture from my office window. Lots of school was missed, but no work.


angela said...

What's a "rash of snow"? ;)

Also, yes, that is our Christmas tree in front of our house that the City has yet to pick up as of today, February 6! I'm going to complain right now!

Craig said...

You have an office and a window? I'm jealous, as I have neither. :(