Monday, October 29

Fall Break with My Girl

Last week was fall break for Knox County schools, so there was no Mother's Day Out. This isn't really a big deal as Kate only goes 2 days a week and only for about 5 hours, but it makes a difference to both of us and I was a little worried that she'd go stir crazy and/or I'd be exhausted. But, we ended up having a pretty good week. Monday was cold and rainy and we just ended up hanging around the house all morning, playing with toys and watching a little TV (I won't go into the harried trip to Target that afternoon, but let's just say Kate is definitely more of a morning person... even after a nap). Tuesday I decided we'd brave the mall. I knew the play area would be crowded, but sheesh! There was hardly an open spot on the parents' bench! Kate played for a while and then we decided we'd rather walk around, so we did that and then had some lunch at the food court and a little ice cream for a treat before heading home. Wednesday we had a really fun play date at Micah and Josiah's house. The kids played and played and the moms got to talk. Josiah is four, Micah and Kate are four months apart and Rebekah and I both have babies on the way who will also be four months apart - yeah! Thursday was a gorgeous fall day and Kate decided we should go to the playground, so we headed to the park and then to McDonald's for cheeseburgers. Friday, Micah and Josiah came over to our house to play while I went to the doctor (everything's great, we'll have another ultrasound Nov. 6 with about 4 weeks remaining). At the end of the week, Kate was glad to have her daddy back after all of his travels. I could really tell she had missed him. They have lots of fun together. And, on top of it all, Kate's using the potty nearly all the time (at least at home, but even a lot of the time when we're out). Lots of fun, but not too tiring. It was a good week. I really tried to enjoy my time alone with Kate, as we don't have too much more time before the baby comes, and it's going to be a difficult adjustment. She's such a special and fun little girl and I'm so lucky to get to spend my time with her.

Thursday, October 25

Missing My Family

This is a guest post by James. I have been traveling the last two weeks and over three trips have been home a total of four days over the past eleven. In that time I have seen both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and been in the Atlanta area five times (four times in the airport and once by car). This time away from Angela and Kate has made me appreciate my family all more and has given me time to reflect on the impending addition to our family. It is amazing the little differences I see in Kate after just being away from her for three or four days. It is also amazing for me to see how Angela holds everything together while I am away. She is a great mom. Thanks also to Debbie who came to help her while I was gone most of last week. That was a life saver. My traveling should be coming to an end as we get closer to the early December due date of baby ??? (we really need to come up with a name), but even though I missed my family terribly these last few weeks, I am thankful for them and the time I had to reflect on their absence and the joy we are in for with our new arrival. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, but it also makes time drag when you can't wait to get home.

Thursday, October 11

This is for real

There's something about my brain that prevents me from getting too involved in the whole new baby thing until the last few weeks of my pregnancy. That's how I've been this time and I remember it being the same with Kate. We didn't get her room ready until about 6-months along, she didn't have a name until the last month or so, things like that. Don't get me wrong, we were thrilled to be having a baby, this time too, but it seems I couldn't fully engage in the whole thing until the end.

I knew at my last doctor's appointment when she said, "Well, you only have about 2 months left" that it would really hit me soon. And it finally has this week. We're starting to really discuss and narrow down name choices, I'm trying to decide how to finish the nursery, and I washed some new baby clothes (they're so small!). I keep telling myself that soon there will be another tiny person in our house that will completely change all of our lives forever. I'm finally beginning to imagine it.

Tuesday, October 2

Even better

Kate started saying "I love you" last week. I thought her "so much" version was pretty cute, but there's nothing better than hearing "I wuv you, Mommy" from my two-year-old. She's also started making up songs and singing them. They generally consist of only a few words sung over and over, but it's pretty cute. Yesterday she kept singing "Meigsy jumper" in this high pitched voice. She and I talked once about how Meigs is a jumper (she jumps on you when she wants something) and now she likes to tell me that. Here's a video of Kate's performance yesterday morning.

James and I sat down last night and took some video clips from the latest tape in the camcorder. Here's another clip of Kate playing catch with James. I love her form. I don't know why she holds her hands that way, but she always does.

I noticed that Kate is in her pajamas in both of these clips. She really does wear other clothes during the day, she's just a morning person and it seems like the best time to catch her at her best.