Tuesday, July 29

Rub your neighbor!

While watching the news the other day, the weather man came on and was talking about some extreme heat in Oklahoma and Arkansas - the heat index was around 90 at 9AM, which didn't bode well for the rest of the day. I remember thinking that my sister, who lives in Oklahoma, but is deployed, would be glad that she wasn't home - ha! Except I momentarily forgot that she is in the Persian Gulf, and the temperatures where she is are reaching about 120. For once, she probably wishes she was in OK (lol, Carrie)! Anyway, they were talking about that being the kind of heat where you want to be sure to check on your neighbors and elderly people you know because it can be dangerous. I was telling this story to James on the way to church and Kate, who always has open ears in the backseat, piped up "I want to hear 'Rub Your Neighbor!'" James and I couldn't keep ourselves from busting out laughing. It was so funny! The song she meant is a Veggie Tales song actually called "Love Your Neighbor", but she evidently hears rub instead of love and she sings very loudly RUB YOUR NEIGHBOR, WHEN SOMEONE (mumble... mumble...) STAND, IF YOU RUB YOUR NEIGHBOR, RUBBING IS RUBBING MY HANDS!"

I think it should go something like:
Love your neighbor.
When someone helps you then you'll understand
If you love your neighbor. Loving means lending a hand.

Sunday, July 20

Mission Complete

I made it through my three days of single parent hood. I realize that Angela handles two kids by herself all all the time, but she is a girl (just kidding, I do appreaciate more though what she goes through on a daily basis). Kate, Owen and I tried to stay busy so we did not miss mommy while she was off furniture shopping with her mom in Hickory and enjoying some time away at Biltmore on Sunday. We made a trip to the mall to play on the playground there (although we ended up just walking around and running around trees since there were a lot of kids on the playground and Kate was afraid) followed by a trip to McDonald's for a chocolate sunday. We went to the Farmer's Market on Market Square for muffins and to play in the fountain (again Kate got scared so we walked around all of downtown while Owen slept), and of coarse we went to the play ground to swing. Kate was a great big sister and helped out with Owen. Both kids did great and I really enjoyed my time alone with the kids. We are glad to have mom home though.

Thursday, July 17

Big Boy

For those of you who have not seen Owen lately, he has become quite the big boy. Not only is he developing as all baby's do (sitting up, trying to talk, trying to crawl, eating new things), but he is bulking up. I am not sure where this is coming from as neither Angela nor I are really big people, nor were we big babies that I am aware of. Owen does like to eat though and Angela likes to say that maybe he has more Coley in him than we think (there is lore of the size of the Martha Coley babies as boys and of Pat maxing out the baby scale at birth). Anyway, Owen is over 20 lbs. now at 7 months and is a healthy baby boy. The picture above is of him swinging at the park (a favorite past time of his sister). This picture has been on my cell phone for a while and I just came across it. If his sister has any say, he will do a lot more swinging in the future.

Monday, July 14

Ups and Downs

I was reminded the other day that one of the many great things about being a family is that when someone is having a bad day, usually at least one other person isn't (unless that day is bad enough to bring down everyone else - which happens sometimes). On Thursday, Owen and I dropped Kate off at Mother's Day Out and then headed to UT for an appointment with his audiologist. Owen did everything I needed him to in order to have a good appointment later. He woke up at just the right time that morning, so he was in a good mood. Then he took a decent nap in the car after dropping off Kate so that he was ready to wake up and have a bottle just in time for his appointment. Heading into the appointment rested and with a fully belly (a VERY important thing for Owen as you would guess if you've seen him lately), he was happy and cooperative for the entire 1 1/2 hour appointment. He did great and was even responsive in the sound booth for a hearing test (I was so excited)! I was so proud of him and thankful for the good appointment.

Then we went to pick up Kate and she was all tears. She had had a rotten day - there were evidently 17 kids (some were teachers' older kids) at MDO that day and it was just a little too much for Kate who really doesn't like crowds (or situations she feels are out of control). When we got home she said "I just wanted you to come get me". I was so sad for her. But, the next day, she was in a great mood and Owen was the one who wouldn't nap and was not his usual happy self. You just never can tell how things are going to work out. I'm so thankful that God has given us each other to navigate all of life's ups and downs and to be there for each other when we need cheering up.

Wednesday, July 9

Great Four Day Weekend

I don't have any pretty pictures or exciting movies to post, but I wanted to share what a wonderful long weekend I had with the kids. I had Friday off for the 4th and then Monday off since my alternate Friday off fell on the holiday. It made for a great long weekend to hang out with family. Added to it, my parents were in town to spend the weekend with us. So besides hanging out with the kids Thursday night for festivities and fireworks at West Park Baptist Church, going to Worlds Fair Park on Friday, hanging out with friends, and trips to the play ground, Angela and I got to spend some time together without the kids as well.
This week I get to hang out more with the kids as Angela has things several nights this week. Then I am gearing up for next weekend when Angela and her mom will be going out of town together leaving me alone for multiple nights with the kids. This will be the first time that I will have both kids alone for an extended time (several nights). It should be interesting. Pat (Angela's dad) is suppose to be in for part of the weekend though, so we will see how screwed up we can get the kids before mom gets back. I am sure there will be stories...