Sunday, April 4

Easter Camping

Yes, we are alive and well. Life has just been too busy for either of us to make a blog post. Not that it has slowed down any, but I do find myself with a few spare moments while Angela folds laundry and the kids nap (I should probably be folding laundry right...).
We decided to celebrate the end of spring break, the beginning of spring, and Easter weekend with our first "family camping trip". The kids have been hiking with us, but neither of them have ever spent the night outdoors. Angela and I have not been camping either since the kids were born. So we took this opportunity to see if the kids (and us for that matter) were up to it. Even though it was a lot of work, we decided to just go for a single night and to go relatively close in case it turned into a disaster. We picked a spot in the Norris Dam area (Loyston Point) and packed up the kids, two dogs, and way too much stuff on Friday morning. I have to say that things went way better than I expected. We actually had a great time and everyone seemed to enjoy the outdoors. It was tough getting the kids to go to sleep, everyone got really dirty, and we experienced a wind storm coming off the lake Saturday morning while we were trying to pack up, but everyone made it back safely and I think we are even up to doing it again. Hope you enjoy the pictures below.