Tuesday, March 24

Fun In Saint Louis

We are in the Saint Louis area this week, I am at a meeting and Angela and the kids in Belleville, IL visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Since I did not have to be at my meeting until Tuesday, I got to hang out with Angela and the kids (and Aunt Becky) in Forest Park on Monday. We had a nice picnic in the park, played on a "science" playground outside the planetarium (I may have been more excited about this than the kids), visited the police horses, and went to the Science Center. I love Forest Park (similar to my love of Washington, DC) because everything is free in the park (the museums, the zoo, etc.). It was good to just hang out in some warm weather and enjoy each other's company. It reminded me of how quickly the kids are growing up and how valuabe such opportunities are in our busy lives.

Monday, March 9


Owen had his tubes replaced and adenoids removed on Friday morning. This time the procedure was done at the Surgery Center for Children's Hospital. This is an amazing place set up specifically for outpatient surgeries like this. They just line up the kids and take them back one at a time. We were in the door and out in three hours.

The recovery has really been pretty easy. He slept more than usual on Friday afternoon but since then has pretty much seemed like he feels pretty good. That is, besides the Omnicef diapers. If you've had a kid on Omnicef, you know what I mean - if you haven't, you probably don't want to know. I'll just use one word - toxic!

He does seem to be in a slightly better mood. We seem to have had fewer tantrums since Friday. I hope this keeps up. He still has the chronic congestion he's always had. I was hoping that would magically clear up after the surgery. But, maybe it's unrelated and we'll just have to keep trying to figure it out. It seems like allergies, but several people have told me it shouldn't be allergies with his age (at least that it shouldn't have been when he was younger). However, a runny nose is not much to worry about with this boy!

James mentioned in his post that Owen is saying a few words. I can't describe how happy it makes me to hear him talk! Now if we could just get him to say Mama... Oh, he's never going to live this down! ;)

I realized the other day that Kate is a really good kid and even has manners. AThat is, at least she does at home - I hope this carries over to other places when Mom and Dad aren't around. She's three and a half now, and I guess the worst of the twos and threes is over. I know we've got a LONG way to go, but I feel like we've got a pretty good start on things.

Wednesday, March 4

Yes, We Are Still Alive

We have been incredibly busy with just life and therefore there have not been any blog posts of late. I had a few minutes at lunch, so I thought I would post a few random thoughts.
1. I have had the privilege of the kids all to myself the past two nights. Monday night Angela went grocery shopping while I put the kids down and then Tuesday night Angela had book club. Monday night Owen went down really easily and Kate was in a great mood so I got to hang out with her and just play in her room. We were a little late getting to bed, but it was time well spent "dressing up for a party" and playing ball (my girl is multi-faceted). Tuesday night I took the kids to Bruester's for ice cream. It was a good excuse since I was really craving ice cream despite it being so cold outside. I was amazed that we did not get a single drop on the van seats or floor.
2. I actually don't think anyone in our house is really sick at this moment. This is momentous as it seems someone has been sick since before Christmas. There is nasty stuff going around out there as I am sure you are aware. I am tired of seeing green snot.
3. Owen goes Friday to get the tubes in his ears replaced and his adenoids taken out (I am still not sure what these are). Hopefully this will improve his demeanor as he has been really fussy lately, compared to his easy going self that we grew accustomed to. This will hopefully end all the ear infections as well. Otherwise he is doing well. Angela was commenting this morning that he is down to one medicine (his Xopenex inhaler) which he takes twice a day. This is great compared to the 3 or 4 he was on at any point over the last couple months. Owen has also expanded his vocabulary lately. He likes to say "good job" when he does something he knows he is supposed to like putting his cup on the table instead of throwing it on the floor. He will say "stir, stir, stir" while he sits on the floor with his steel bowl and wooden spoon (yes he has real toys, but prefers these). He also likes to "knock" everything to open it and then ask for it to be "closed". I thought he was saying "momma", but I think he is saying mouth as he points to his while saying this. Angela is still working on this, as it has given her quite a complex. His other favorite pass time is to climb up and down the stairs (thanks Nanna and Grandfather).
4. My parents are looking (actually it is beyond looking) at moving to Knoxville. Since my mom got layed off from her job, it moved their intentions to move here after she retired up a good bit. Their house (the house I grew up in during Junior High and High School and they have lived in for over 20 years I think) is going on the market this week. I have mixed emotions about this. I am thrilled that they are coming here to be closer to us (really to be closer to the kids), but it is a big move for them and it will be strange not making trips (although they have been sporadic the last couple years) to Cary. I will miss the house there and seeing old friends. It will also be strange for both Angela and I to have family close by. Neither of us grew up with that and except for a year we spent in Missouri when Angela's parents and brother and sister were about an hour away for a couple months we have never experienced this. It will be a new experience, but a good one I am sure.

That is my rambling for today. Back to work.