Tuesday, March 24

Fun In Saint Louis

We are in the Saint Louis area this week, I am at a meeting and Angela and the kids in Belleville, IL visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Since I did not have to be at my meeting until Tuesday, I got to hang out with Angela and the kids (and Aunt Becky) in Forest Park on Monday. We had a nice picnic in the park, played on a "science" playground outside the planetarium (I may have been more excited about this than the kids), visited the police horses, and went to the Science Center. I love Forest Park (similar to my love of Washington, DC) because everything is free in the park (the museums, the zoo, etc.). It was good to just hang out in some warm weather and enjoy each other's company. It reminded me of how quickly the kids are growing up and how valuabe such opportunities are in our busy lives.

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