Monday, January 31

New Things

We have a few newsworthy new things going on in our life right now.

For starters, Owen is currently enduring his first day at his new preschool. His new school is part of the public school system and serves children who need special education services. His class is specifically for hearing impaired or language delayed kids. Owen will make the fifth child in the class, so they get some pretty close attention from the teacher and aide. The teacher is also an audiologist and she has 29 years of experience with kids. All of this is to say it seems like a great place and we are excited about this new opportunity for him.

He was a bit sad when Kate and I dropped him off. It made me a little sad that he was sad and, being almost downtown, he's a little farther away than I'm used to. I hadn't anticipated being nervous about that. I hope he has a good day.

Owen will be attending his new school twice a week, which will still leave a little time for one day of Mother's Day Out. He has been in this program since last year and he loves it, so we wanted him to be able to keep going there for as long as possible.

The other major new thing is that we are expecting another baby at the end of July! We are getting pretty excited and Owen is already calling himself a big brother. I think this is probably because he thinks he's pretty big now and he is a brother to Kate. He is also a little confused about whose tummy holds the baby - or maybe he just likes to pretend that the baby is in HIS tummy. :)

Accommodating this new addition will require some adjustments to the way we have our house set up right now, so we are beginning to plan those adjustments and will soon be moving furniture, putting up drywall, and doing lots of painting, hanging curtains, etc.

I'm only at 14 weeks right now - into the second trimester, but still too early to find out the baby's gender. That will happen some time in March, so we will keep you posted!