Thursday, January 25

Just a few photos

Kate and I are heading to Cary tomorrow. James will fly there from Florida to meet up with us. A friend of mine from graduate school is getting married there - actually just down the street from where James and I got married. It sure is a small world, isn't it? Anyway, I've got some work to do to get ready for our trip, so I'll just post a few pictures of Kate taken recently.

In the first picture, Kate's wearing pigtails for the first time. She was getting ready for a friend's birthday party. In the last picture, she's playing with her puzzles - which she calls "school". I think this is because two of the puzzles are letters, which she learns at school. She really likes the puzzles and we play with them just about every day.

Tuesday, January 23

"Blah blah mess! mess!"

Kate's favorite words to say right now are "mess" and "trash". When you think about it, I guess this sounds about right for a toddler. I just hope it's not some indication of a future career choice... Anyway, the other day I was in Kate's room with her putting some laundry away. She left the room for a minute and I heard her in the kitchen. Before I got the chance to follow her, she came running back to her room jabbering something like "blah blah mess! mess!" and when I looked up, she was holding the dog dishes and her pants and socks were soaked. She likes to pick up the dog dishes after they've finished eating so I can put them on the counter. This time she picked up the water dish too. I walked back to the kitchen, retracing the little wet trail she slogged to her room. I had to laugh.

Monday, January 22

My daughter is famous!

Well, her feet are... I sent a photo of her standing on our coffee table (I know, the grandmothers just winced...) to our former minister. His blog is called "Standing on the Desk" per the scene in Dead Poets Society where Robin Williams has everyone stand on the desk... Anyway, Kate's feet are featured this week. Kind of funny. Check it out.

Saturday, January 20

Welcome to my world

I'm sure not many would disagree that I'm not very good about writing or calling very often. I'm not even very good about sending photos. But, I thought if I could keep a blog updated at least once a week with new photos and tidbits, it would be a good way to share our life with our family and friends who might be interested in what we're up to, or - more realistically - what Kate's up to. So, check back if you're interested and, please, bare with me as I learn this blogging thing. Your comments are welcome (be nice!).