Tuesday, January 23

"Blah blah mess! mess!"

Kate's favorite words to say right now are "mess" and "trash". When you think about it, I guess this sounds about right for a toddler. I just hope it's not some indication of a future career choice... Anyway, the other day I was in Kate's room with her putting some laundry away. She left the room for a minute and I heard her in the kitchen. Before I got the chance to follow her, she came running back to her room jabbering something like "blah blah mess! mess!" and when I looked up, she was holding the dog dishes and her pants and socks were soaked. She likes to pick up the dog dishes after they've finished eating so I can put them on the counter. This time she picked up the water dish too. I walked back to the kitchen, retracing the little wet trail she slogged to her room. I had to laugh.


Grandpa said...

Testing to see if this really works.

angela said...

The cone is Mattie's "hat" she had to wear when she had an affirmity with her... um... derrier. I'm sure you've seen dogs wearing these on TV or somewhere - usually to keep them from messing with wounds. Mattie wasn't too fond of it, but Kate liked it!

Nana said...

Well at least she can tell you when she has made a mess or you need to take out the trash.