Wednesday, May 27

Greetings from Florida

Just wanted to get a few pictures up from our time this week in Palm Harbor, Florida. We are having a great time hanging out at the beach, the pool and the condo. We have been to two beaches at local county parks (their county parks are nicer than a lot of our state parks) - Honeymoon Island and Fort Desoto and to the pool numerous times which is only steps from our front door. We also found a great playground at another nearby county park.

Wednesday, May 20

Say Ahhhh!

Get this...




How cute is that?

Wednesday, May 13

Instructions For a "Modern" Wife

A friend sent me this so I thought I would share it. I figured most of the people who read this blog would appreciate it. Notice this is from a women's magazine in May 1955, wow how times have changed. I would like my wife and children prepared for my arrival though (clean, refreshed, with fresh make-up, ribbons and bows in their hair). Actually, the picture looks a lot like my family when I come home from work.
Note: If you click on the image it will bring it up bigger so you can read it.

Friday, May 8

No new doctors!

I took Owen to see an Orthopedic doctor yesterday. His feet turn out when he stands so that he stands on the inside of his feet and his pediatrician wanted to get that checked out. She called it "severe out-toeing". Anyway, I was preparing myself for the worst. This is about the fifth specialist referral we've had. But, the doctor looked at Owen for about 15 seconds and said he just has "very flat, very flexible feet." No need for any special shoes or even a follow up appointment! He told me that we didn't gain a doctor and I told him, no offense, but we really didn't need another one. Seriously, the doctor was probably in the room for about 3 minutes. It was so refreshing to hear that nothing needed to be done! He also said that his flat feet should have nothing to do with the fact that he's not walking.

No more excuses, buddy! Let's get moving!