Friday, May 8

No new doctors!

I took Owen to see an Orthopedic doctor yesterday. His feet turn out when he stands so that he stands on the inside of his feet and his pediatrician wanted to get that checked out. She called it "severe out-toeing". Anyway, I was preparing myself for the worst. This is about the fifth specialist referral we've had. But, the doctor looked at Owen for about 15 seconds and said he just has "very flat, very flexible feet." No need for any special shoes or even a follow up appointment! He told me that we didn't gain a doctor and I told him, no offense, but we really didn't need another one. Seriously, the doctor was probably in the room for about 3 minutes. It was so refreshing to hear that nothing needed to be done! He also said that his flat feet should have nothing to do with the fact that he's not walking.

No more excuses, buddy! Let's get moving!


Meriam said...

I'm so glad you don't need any more doctors! We've had a rough week with Emily and trying to get doctors to be coordinated and on the same page without losing us in the shuffle. I still can't get any answers to my concerns from ANY of them. Why can't they all just work together?

Dixiemom7 said...

Hmmm. I had an experience kind of like this with my oldest. I had completely forgotten! His pediatrician was concerned about his stance or something and referred us to an orthopedic dr. It was almost exactly like your visit. He looked at Antonio and said he had flat feet (like me) and to just make sure he had good arch support in his shoes. Sometimes I think the medical field is full of paranoid weirdos.