Sunday, July 20

Mission Complete

I made it through my three days of single parent hood. I realize that Angela handles two kids by herself all all the time, but she is a girl (just kidding, I do appreaciate more though what she goes through on a daily basis). Kate, Owen and I tried to stay busy so we did not miss mommy while she was off furniture shopping with her mom in Hickory and enjoying some time away at Biltmore on Sunday. We made a trip to the mall to play on the playground there (although we ended up just walking around and running around trees since there were a lot of kids on the playground and Kate was afraid) followed by a trip to McDonald's for a chocolate sunday. We went to the Farmer's Market on Market Square for muffins and to play in the fountain (again Kate got scared so we walked around all of downtown while Owen slept), and of coarse we went to the play ground to swing. Kate was a great big sister and helped out with Owen. Both kids did great and I really enjoyed my time alone with the kids. We are glad to have mom home though.

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Sara said...

Way to go, James!! Ross would most definately have a melt-down if I left him alone for 3 days!! Angela, I'm sure you got some much-needed rest. Glad you're back!