Thursday, July 17

Big Boy

For those of you who have not seen Owen lately, he has become quite the big boy. Not only is he developing as all baby's do (sitting up, trying to talk, trying to crawl, eating new things), but he is bulking up. I am not sure where this is coming from as neither Angela nor I are really big people, nor were we big babies that I am aware of. Owen does like to eat though and Angela likes to say that maybe he has more Coley in him than we think (there is lore of the size of the Martha Coley babies as boys and of Pat maxing out the baby scale at birth). Anyway, Owen is over 20 lbs. now at 7 months and is a healthy baby boy. The picture above is of him swinging at the park (a favorite past time of his sister). This picture has been on my cell phone for a while and I just came across it. If his sister has any say, he will do a lot more swinging in the future.


Craig said...

That is one big, healthy looking boy! Hard to believe he's about 8 months old now! Time sure does fly by faster than you'd like.

Robin said...

What a cutie! Thank you for your updates.