Monday, July 14

Ups and Downs

I was reminded the other day that one of the many great things about being a family is that when someone is having a bad day, usually at least one other person isn't (unless that day is bad enough to bring down everyone else - which happens sometimes). On Thursday, Owen and I dropped Kate off at Mother's Day Out and then headed to UT for an appointment with his audiologist. Owen did everything I needed him to in order to have a good appointment later. He woke up at just the right time that morning, so he was in a good mood. Then he took a decent nap in the car after dropping off Kate so that he was ready to wake up and have a bottle just in time for his appointment. Heading into the appointment rested and with a fully belly (a VERY important thing for Owen as you would guess if you've seen him lately), he was happy and cooperative for the entire 1 1/2 hour appointment. He did great and was even responsive in the sound booth for a hearing test (I was so excited)! I was so proud of him and thankful for the good appointment.

Then we went to pick up Kate and she was all tears. She had had a rotten day - there were evidently 17 kids (some were teachers' older kids) at MDO that day and it was just a little too much for Kate who really doesn't like crowds (or situations she feels are out of control). When we got home she said "I just wanted you to come get me". I was so sad for her. But, the next day, she was in a great mood and Owen was the one who wouldn't nap and was not his usual happy self. You just never can tell how things are going to work out. I'm so thankful that God has given us each other to navigate all of life's ups and downs and to be there for each other when we need cheering up.

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