Wednesday, July 9

Great Four Day Weekend

I don't have any pretty pictures or exciting movies to post, but I wanted to share what a wonderful long weekend I had with the kids. I had Friday off for the 4th and then Monday off since my alternate Friday off fell on the holiday. It made for a great long weekend to hang out with family. Added to it, my parents were in town to spend the weekend with us. So besides hanging out with the kids Thursday night for festivities and fireworks at West Park Baptist Church, going to Worlds Fair Park on Friday, hanging out with friends, and trips to the play ground, Angela and I got to spend some time together without the kids as well.
This week I get to hang out more with the kids as Angela has things several nights this week. Then I am gearing up for next weekend when Angela and her mom will be going out of town together leaving me alone for multiple nights with the kids. This will be the first time that I will have both kids alone for an extended time (several nights). It should be interesting. Pat (Angela's dad) is suppose to be in for part of the weekend though, so we will see how screwed up we can get the kids before mom gets back. I am sure there will be stories...

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