Tuesday, October 2

Even better

Kate started saying "I love you" last week. I thought her "so much" version was pretty cute, but there's nothing better than hearing "I wuv you, Mommy" from my two-year-old. She's also started making up songs and singing them. They generally consist of only a few words sung over and over, but it's pretty cute. Yesterday she kept singing "Meigsy jumper" in this high pitched voice. She and I talked once about how Meigs is a jumper (she jumps on you when she wants something) and now she likes to tell me that. Here's a video of Kate's performance yesterday morning.

James and I sat down last night and took some video clips from the latest tape in the camcorder. Here's another clip of Kate playing catch with James. I love her form. I don't know why she holds her hands that way, but she always does.

I noticed that Kate is in her pajamas in both of these clips. She really does wear other clothes during the day, she's just a morning person and it seems like the best time to catch her at her best.

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Anonymous said...

She's definitely a natural! Love the videos!