Thursday, October 11

This is for real

There's something about my brain that prevents me from getting too involved in the whole new baby thing until the last few weeks of my pregnancy. That's how I've been this time and I remember it being the same with Kate. We didn't get her room ready until about 6-months along, she didn't have a name until the last month or so, things like that. Don't get me wrong, we were thrilled to be having a baby, this time too, but it seems I couldn't fully engage in the whole thing until the end.

I knew at my last doctor's appointment when she said, "Well, you only have about 2 months left" that it would really hit me soon. And it finally has this week. We're starting to really discuss and narrow down name choices, I'm trying to decide how to finish the nursery, and I washed some new baby clothes (they're so small!). I keep telling myself that soon there will be another tiny person in our house that will completely change all of our lives forever. I'm finally beginning to imagine it.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to read all about the Hemrick family I feel like I know all about your past years experiences. I really enjoyed reading all about Kate and the fun things she is doing and learning I will be soon going through all of these same things with Miley. I so did not know you all were expecting again. That is great news keep us posted... Oh and tell James Happy Birthday Love Tanya