Thursday, September 27

Making cookies

On Monday, Kate and I were hanging around the house and were both really bored by late morning, so I racked my brain to think of something fun to do. I came up with making cookies. Kate loves to help make things. I think her favorite part is cracking eggs. It's pretty funny - she taps the egg gently on the edge of the bowl, just as she should, then crushes it in her hand no matter how many times I try to coach her to pull it apart with two hands. Luckily her hand is small enough that only part of the shell crushes in and we don't get TOO many shell pieces in the egg. We always do this over a separate bowl. Anyway, it made for some cute pictures. The recipe we used was Nana's "James Cookies" recipe, which just uses a cake mix. Her 2-year-old attention span isn't nearly long enough for a real cookie recipe. Oh, and she really enjoyed licking the spoon.

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