Sunday, February 15

Sunday is starting off nicely

So far the hit has been baked muffin beads. Nana, Katherine and Owen have sat in the kitchen floor making muffin beads. They are an old bead necklaces place in a muffin pan and Katherine said they should be baked at 300 for 6 minutes. Don’t think we will do that. No doubt the favorite room is Nana’s kitchen. We have learned that he only wants Grandfather to hold him. At church on Saturday evening Katherine was fine, but Owen did want anything to do with anyone but Grandfather. For supper we had mac and cheese, apple sauce and hot dogs. Baths were not a happy story, but the evening ended will with them going to sleep with little trouble. Everyone slept well last night especially Grandfather and Nana, this is exhausting fun. Breakfast is just over. Owen eat a bowl of oatmeal, banana, and part of a muffin. Katherine loves you cereal straws. Right now I am on the computer, Nana is reading the paper, Katherine is watching the TV and Owen is playing quietly on the floor. Not sure what the plans for the day are, my go to the park. I think we are going to Target.

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James said...

Glad to hear you are having fun and things are going well. We enjoyed our uninterrupted sleep. Don't know what our plans for the day hold in rainy San Francisco, but we will find something to do I am sure :). Now off to a leisurely 10:00AM breakfast after reading the paper and lounging in bed. I almost can remember the pre-kid weekend mornings.