Wednesday, February 18

Adventures of Grandfather and Nana Day 5

The fun, excitement and new adventures continue. We were asked by some friends this evening if we were getting enough sleep. We said old folks don’t need a lot of sleep. Well it was another day with Nana while Grandfather went to school to be with his 175 students. The children got up about 7:00. The day started with a gourmet breakfast of Nana’s homemade muffins from a box. This followed by a delightful lightly toast Cheese Americaica sandwich, a gourmet Granola bar (the best of Sams) and special selection of a choice banana. The aforementioned muffins were prepared by the dynamic duo of Nana and Kate. They stayed busy rest of the morning with a variety of cultural enriching experience for Owen and Katherine consisting of the old standby crafts, puzzles, blocks, game. Katherine started working on her addition flash cards. For lunch today the menu was leftover tomato soup. Owen had ravioli and peaches. After an afternoon nap Nana loaded the children up to met Grandfather at ESC (Employment Security Commission) where we changed drivers and grandfather brought the children home while Laura had a scheduled appointment at the ESC. The highlight of the entire day was dinner at Chick Fil A. Davis Drive Elementary was having a fund raiser there tonight. Owen and Katherine got to met several of my students and their families. Now home relaxing and the grandchildren will soon be headed to bed.

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