Saturday, February 21

Adventures of Grandfather and Nana Day 8

Well, Owen slept until 4:00, but then went back to sleep until about 6:00. He got up at 6:30 and Katherine at 7:00. Last night I let Owen climb the step. Oh what a hit that has been (sorry Ang). Not sure what we are going to do today, but it will be fun. For breakfast Grandfather did not experiment. Owen had oatmeal (beige color) apple sauce. Katherine had yogurt and pop tarts. After breakfast Laura and Katherine went to the doctor (hold tight Ang it was for Laura.) She has had a reaction to something and is itching like mad. She has broken out in a rash, could it be stress from having grandchildren here…… While they were gone Owen and I vacuumed the house. Late morning we loaded up and headed to the mall. Katherine got to ride the carrousel with Nana. Owen and I cruised the mall. We had a great snack of hot soft pretzel (Yes, Ang we took the salt off). Katherine said she had never had one of these before. On the way home stopped at Mickey Ds and got a Happy Meal. This afternoon we played. Owen is getting good and quick at climbing the steps. We are still working on his walking, not there yet. They were playing with a balloon when Katherine held it over Owen’s head and his hair stood straight out. Of course she giggled when Nana did it to her. Late this afternoon Katherine and Grandfather went to church. Because Owen was so restless last week, Nana decided to keep him at home with her. At church Katherine learned that “Jesus will always forgive us, no matter what we do”, based on The Lost Son, Luke 15: 11-32. After church Katherine and I stopped by the statutes of “Join the Parade” on the Town Hall campus. This grouping depicts three boys and three girls playing instruments. This artwork commemorates the importance of Cary's Band in the history of the town. The first child with cymbals was donated by Fidelity Bank and honors mayor Koka Booth for this long time support of band activities. Other figures were made possible by proceeds from Cary Visual Art's first Art Ball. Everyone is wind up with excitement that Mommy and Daddy are coming home tomorrow, well not Nana and Grandfather. It has been a tiring week for us, but one of the most exciting. We have had so much fun with our grandchildren. Hope we will soon be able to do this more often.

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James said...

Happy to report we are back safely from the Left Coast and the kids are well. Not that we had any doubt.