Saturday, February 14

The Adventures of Grandfather and Nana

Hello it is Grandfather Hemrick, guest blogger this week. James, Angela, Katherine and Owen arrived last night and this morning I took James and Angela to the RDU the airport here. James has a conference the first part of the week in San Francesco then they are going to relax a couple of day. Grandfather and Nana’s task is to fulfill our right and spoil our grandchildren. When James and Angela return they can “re-program” their children. In the mean time I will be make entries during the week on this unique experience for us. We have never had two young children in our home at the same time for a week, even with their parents. So stay tuned as the “Adventures of Grandfather and Nana” plays out. Right now Katherine (yes it is grandfather’s right to call her Katherine) is working on a puzzle and Owen and Nana are playing together.

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