Monday, February 16

Adventure of Grandfather and Nana Day 3

Reveille was sounded at 3:00 this morning. Owen was ready to get up. Actually he had a wet diaper. He was in no hurry to go back to sleep. I think it was about 5:00 when he finally went back to sleep. He got back up at 7:00 and Katherine shortly there after. Since I worked today Nana had the children all to herself, which she did not mind one bit. Nana got out her Shirley Temple dolls and her Barbie dolls. In Katherine’s word “They are beautiful.” So Nana and Katherine played dolls while Owen entertained himself. He found, with Nana’s help some of James’ old toys, a wooden boat and some of his old cars. Grandfather had a very pleasant surprise. Katherine and Owen had made him a card. For supper we had meat loaf (not high on Katherine’s list), mashed potatoes, green beans and meat balls and macaroni shells. After supper Katherine told Nana how to make popcorn. Then she instructed Grandfather in how to make it. It turned out deeeeeelious. Grandfather and Owen played with beads while Nana and Katherine play games like Candy Land. Owen has just gone to bed. Nana is working with Katherine on her first words flash cards. Soon she will be headed to bed. Hope we don’t have an early reveille. That’s it for day 3.

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