Tuesday, February 24

Owen's status

I took Owen to UT Medical Center today to have blood drawn for genetic testing. He actually did pretty well - it took fewer people to hold him down than it did the last time he had blood drawn and only one try (they weren't getting more than one try, so it was a good thing)! We should know in a few weeks if it tells the doctors anything about why he has hearing impairment/vision impairment/delayed gross motor skills (though whether he actually has delayed gross motor skills is debatable in my mind). However, I did find out that they are NOT running the test Owen's ENT doctor wanted, so we'll have to go through his office so they can run a separate test. I will see if they can do bloodwork for that when he has his next surgery. He has to go next week to have new tubes put in and have his adenoids removed. Owen has had one ear infection after another since he had his tubes put in, which means they are not working and the adenoids are harboring bacteria that keep causing infections. So, the doctor says that new tubes and removing the adenoids should solve the problem. I hope so! I'm sick of ear infections and I can't imagine that any of this is good for his hearing.

So, that's the latest with Owen. Kate is over her bout with a bilateral ear infection and I'm still fighting a sinus infection or something. James is hit or miss... I'm hoping that by spring, we'll all be well and ready to enjoy the better weather!


Jessica said...

Connor having his adenoids out and tubes in completely changed our lives! It was one ear infection after another, and then he was well! Even his personality changed! We'll be praying for you all.

Sara said...

I know how you feel with all this ear/sinus stuff. I am finally better after 2 weeks of it and the kids had it before me!!! I am ready for winter to be over.