Friday, February 20

Adventures of Grandfather and Nana Day 7

So why did Owen have green oatmeal at breakfast? Read on. Owen made up of the good nights sleep he got Wednesday night. He was restless all night last night. He slept off and on until about 6:00. Katherine got up about 7:30. Thank goodness I am off from school today. For breakfast Katherine had a pop tart, muffin, milk and puffs. For Owens’ first breakfast he had plain oatmeal, fruit and puffs. Grandfather fixed green oatmeal and toast for his breakfast. Owen couldn’t pass that up. Katherine and Nana declined grandfathers offer to share. Nana had a granola bar. About mid morning we drove to Graham (about 40 miles west of Cary) to visit my mother, sister and brother-in-law. Had a great time, both children slept up and back. Got home about 2:30. Didn’t do much the rest of the day. No popcorn tonight. Katherine is in bed and Laura is trying to get Owen to sleep, but he is fighting it. Well tomorrow will be our last full day with the grandchildren before James and Ang return early Sunday morning. What a great experience this has been for us.

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