Thursday, February 19

Adventures of Grandfather and Nana Day 6

There was good news and bad news last night. The good news is that Owen slept until about 6:30. The bad news is that Nana and Grandfather woke up wide awake at 5:00. Katherine slept until after 7:00. They got outside for a while today. We have a small walking path in our yard that James and his cousin Tanya built and lined with large rocks where we moved in 22 years ago. Katherine loves to walk on it. While outside Nana, Owen and Katherine cut some flower for the table. She thought they were beauuuuuuutiful. Busy afternoon, Mrs. Dorothy stopped over for a visit. While she was here my niece Robin, with her two children Frankie and Shelly Jane came for a visit and supper. Frankie is six and Shelly Jane is two. They live in Pittsboro about 20 miles from here. It is always fun to have her and the family over. It was especially nice since the grandchildren were here. I had brought pizzas from ZPizza for supper with them. After supper Grandfather had an audience of 6 to watch him make popcorn. He had it popping all over the kitchen. James forget that microwave stuff you have, it is history since you daughter has experience Grandfather’s popcorn. I would like to make a note here that I make popcorn very much the same way my father, Katherine’s great grandfather made it years ago, even put the popped corn in an old paper grocery bag .After everyone had left and we cleaned up a bit we loaded up and went to the grocery store. Now Owen is trying to go to sleep and Katherine and I are watching the Duke game. Trying to make her a Dukie, not going to happen she is a Vol.

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angela said...

Good ol' Rocky Top!!! You will not turn her into a Dukey!!