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25 Random Things About Kate

If you've been on Facebook lately, then you've most likely read at least one list of 25 random things about someone. I've actually enjoyed reading these lists and other people must enjoy them too, since they're everywhere! So, I thought I'd do a series of posts here and make a list for each of the kids. I think I'll post James' list and my list also in case you're not on Facebook (in which case, you should try it out!). Some of you might not care and you're welcome to skip this series, but I thought at least a few of you might enjoy reading them. I'll post them one at a time starting with Kate. Enjoy!

25 Random Things About Kate

1. The girl has some hair! But it wasn’t always like that. She was born with hair, but not lots and it took a long time to grow. And it’s shiny, thick dark hair that you would not expect to see on a three-year-old. One day it will be gorgeous, but right now it tends to look like a mop that she will neither let me put up nor cut (as she wants it to be long like Ariel’s…) - daddy wants it to be long also, but does not have to deal with it on a daily basis.

2. She loves to sing. She sings while she’s doing puzzles and things that require concentration. Her favorite music right now, of course, is the Disney princess sing-along CD.

3. She doesn’t like to be in social situations. Especially birthday parties. She does ok, but it takes her a while to warm up (if she ever does).

4. She bites her fingernails. I’ve never known a three-year-old to bite their fingernails, but she does.

5. Her favorite color was orange for the longest time. Now it’s purple, or blue, depending on her mood.

6. She loves to swing.

7. She HATES bounce houses. She was so nervous after a birthday party at Pump-it-Up last year that she threw up as soon as she got home.

8. She has two imaginary friends named Beya and Bechet. They often get buckled in the seatbelts of the car and have to be hushed at bedtime for keeping Kate awake (this is usually Beya, the troublemaker). I think Bechet is a boy.

9. She runs to her room to wave to us as we leave the house and she gets upset if we don’t wave back.

10. She has a memory like nothing I’ve ever seen.

11. She always knows what she’s talking about. We’ve learned not to doubt anything she says.

12. She will argue about things that are blatantly wrong, like what letter something starts with.

13. She can direct you to most places in Knoxville that we visit on a regular basis.

14. She is very afraid of people dressed up in mascot costumes or other costumes where the person is completely covered up.

15. She is the best big sister we could have hoped for Owen. She loves to play with him, sing to him when he’s going to sleep, keep him out of trouble, bring me his hearing aids/glasses after he pulls them off, and sign to him (sometimes she even makes up her own signs).

16. She thinks her best friends are the older girls she adores but never even hangs out with.

17. She has very good grammar and diction for a three-year-old, though not perfect. She replaces ‘v’ with ‘b’ and ‘th’ with ‘f’. She is getting better about ‘l’ but sometimes it sounds like ‘w’. This is confusing her as she tries to sound out the beginning letters of words.

18. Besides when she was sick, she hasn’t taken an afternoon nap for a few weeks now.

19. When she was a baby, she was very textbook and did everything like clockwork. I could tell you within two minutes when she would go down for a nap or wake up. If you weren’t home at those times for her to nap – well, let’s just say after a few times of trying to do something else at naptime, I always made it a point to be home.

20. I thought she was going to be the world’s biggest tomboy until this year. Now, she has fun with the boys in her MDO class, but enjoys opportunities to play with the girls in the other classes (especially the four-year-olds). She probably will never be a girly girl, but she enjoys being a girl.

21. When she was born, she looked exactly, scarily, like James. My mom called her “Mini Me”.

22. She almost never gets sick and when she does it’s not for long (except that as I write this she’s been sick for four days…).

23. She lets he grandfather call her Katherine, though she’s told me she prefers Kate. We also call her KitKat, Kato, Kato Potato, and Katie Mae. James calls here Silicate (silly Kate).

24. Her middle name is Mae after my great aunt Mae Coley Wren, one of the sweetest and sharpest southern ladies you’d ever meet.

25. She is Daddy’s girl, but prefers Mommy to read bedtime stories and say good night prayers.

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Grandfather said...

This is a long comment. This should be #26 it occurred about 20 minutes before she was born.

The Earth Trembled When Katherine Was Born

Minor earthquake reported along Tenn, N.C. border
August 25, 2005
6 News Reporter
HOT SPRINGS, N.C. (WATE) -- If you think you felt the earth move Wednesday night, you weren't alone.
A minor earthquake hit about 65 miles from Knoxville near the Tennessee-North Carolina border. The U.S. Geological Survey says it was centered at Hot Springs, N.C., but the 3.8 magnitude trembler was felt up to 150 miles away.
The quake was located was 3.1 miles below ground
More than a dozen people called the 6 News room reporting they felt the ground rumble at about 11:09 p.m. It shook the ground for only a few seconds.
People also called from Blount and Sevier counties and from the towns of Newport, Townsend, Pittman Center and Sevierville.
The U.S. Geological Survey reports the quake caused no injuries and little damage.
The Associated Press reports a mobile home foundation in North Carolina was damaged. Some people said they were shaken out of bed with windows rattling
Thursday morning the quake was the talk of the town inside Diana's Beauty Salon in Newport, about 20 miles down the road from Hot Springs.
"You shook, the whole bed was shaking," Jennifer Glenn said. "You just felt a lot of vibrating. The whole house was sort of rumbling, like maybe you had a big thunder that shook your house. It sounded like a helicopter, just like a helicopter above the house."
A Sevier County woman said it sounded like a transformer exploded. A man in Hot Springs told 6 News he thought a car had hit his mobile home.
In Morristown, a woman said it felt like an out of balance washing machine was shaking her floor.
A woman in Hamblen County told 6 News "it felt like an explosion, shook my whole brick house."
Another person in Cocke County said, "Pictures fell off the wall. I thought a bear was on my porch hitting the side of my mobile home."
A couple in the Jones Cove area on the Sevier/Cocke county line said their two Alaskan Malamutes began to howl in unison just before the quake began to rumble.