Sunday, February 15

The Adventures of Grandfather and Nana Day 2

I started the day by not picking up Owen. I am hoping that he will attach to Nana today since I will be at work Mon – Thur. It seems to have worked. I have held him off and on today, but he does not mind Nana holding him. What a day we have had. They played together so wonderfully this morning. In late morning we went to Target to pick up a few things. Then we thought we would go to the flea market (not you typical flea market) at the fairgrounds and get some popcorn from Uncle Fran (our good friend) who was working the Kiwanis popcorn booth. I don’t know what all was going on today but we could not find a parking place, so I promised Katherine I would make popcorn this evening. We stopped by North Cary Park (about 3 blocks from our home) for a while. Owen swung and watched the others. Later in afternoon Katherine and I went to watch the Super Skipper in a mock competition. This is a group of jumper ropers at our Y. Many of the jumpers are current student or former student I have had at school. Even I continue to be amazed at some of the moves they have. Katherine was equally impressed. If you have never seen serious jump rope competition you have missed something amazing. While we were there Owen and Nana stayed home and played. Again the kitchen was on the top of Owen’s list. Came home had supper. Then the main event of the evening Grandfather’s popcorn. First thing I learned is my granddaughter does not know what unpopped popcorn looks like. Then it was amazing magic to put those little corn kennels in a pot with a little peanut oil and suddenly white puffy popcorn appears. Add salt (yes Ang salt.) I think Katherine now wants popcorn every night. The children are soon heading to bed. With that ends day 2 of the great adventure.

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James said...

Un-popped popcorn comes in a paper pouch that goes in the microwave. I am glad you introduced Kate to real popcorn (I assumed cooked on the stove). That is a very grandfather thing to do with your granddaughter.