Tuesday, February 17

The Adventures of Grandfather and Nana Day 4

Another exciting day for Nana. Owen coughed a lot during the night, not sure why unless it was post-nasal drip. When Laura picked him up he was fine. Of course we had the case of the rolling poop. While his diaper was being changed during the night a large piece of solid poop was left on the bed. It was immediately found and properly disposed of. Owen and Katherine got up about 6:30 ready for another day of adventure and excitement with Nana and Grandfather. Made cookies, did crafts from craft book. They worked on a really hard puzzle. They only took short naps today. Owen and Katherine play so well together. He stands and walks up and down the side of couch and tickles Katherine who is lying on the couch. Then they fall down together laughing and roll on the floor. I keep trying to get him to walk over to me. No luck yet, but still working on it, have high hopes to accomplish this before Sunday. While Katherine was coloring Owen was trying to put the crayons back in the box. I put up my portable white board for Katherine and lowered it as low as it would go. For supper it was a mixture. Nana and Grandfather had homemade White Chili, Katherine, Tomato Soup and fruit, and Owen had Beef and Tomato Ravioli, apple sauce and peaches. As I write this part (5:00 pm) Owen is sitting with me looking at the screen editing my writing. He took a dim few of the rolling poop part. As the evening winds down I had a meeting so the children had more fun with Nana. The evening ended with baths, story time and prayers.


Rebekah said...

Ok, first of all, I'm loving these guest posts. I'm Angela's friend Rebekah and it's fun to hear what both parts of the family are up to.

Second..."rolling poop"?!? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You've got ME rolling on that one! Keep up the posts--they're great!

James said...

Grandfather, you make life with two small children sound so exciting! Fresh perspective, I guess. :)