Friday, January 9

Owen's lunch menu (or, My investments in Gerber)

1/2 cup Lil' Crunchies*
1 can Pasta Pick Ups*
1 pear
1 3/4 oz. snack cheese
3 Arrowroot Cookies*
1 cup milk
1/2 cup diluted juice
*Gerber Graduates items

He might have eaten more, but I was tired of feeding him. I might need to get a job help pay for groceries. I wonder what Gerber's employee discount is...


Rebekah said...

OH MY! Isn't amazing how much little boys can put away? I totally know how you feel. And on days like that I sit there thinking...."If he's eating this much now, how much will he eat when he's a teenager?!??" :)

Sara said...

Amen, Rebekah-- I often wonder what my groceries are going to cost when my kids are teenagers!! They are both big eaters. BTW-- Ben loves those little crunchies, he calls them cheetos. And, he loves goldfish crackers (fishies). He ate a half a bag on the plane to California!

angela said...

Kate STILL won't eat Goldfish crackers after the wedding incident... :) (glad I can smile about it now)