Tuesday, July 20

The waiting game

This was one of signs I used most when we were signing a lot with Owen. Do you think that says something about his patience level? He has always had ZERO patience. Right from the beginning he would wake up screaming at the top of his lungs and continue to do so the entire time I changed his diaper until I finally fed him - a whole 60 seconds later - as if he were going to starve. I still find myself starting to sign this to him as I tell him to wait for something. Well now I'm the one waiting. One of Owen's hearing aids broke on our way to Florida for vacation. I believe that date was June 12. It is now July 20 and the audiologist was just finally able to send it off for repair today. Crazy, huh? That's one of the problems with having a state funded program act as a secondary insurance provider. The other is that our primary insurance provider has recently become confused about the whole situation, sending us several pieces of mail a week trying to straighten it out, but that's another story. It should now only be another week or so before Owen's hearing aid is repaired and we get it back. In the meantime the audiologist gave us a loaner to use until his is repaired. Then, the mom of the other little boy in Owen's group speech therapy session gave us one of the little boy's old hearing aids, since he now has two cochlear implants and no longer uses hearing aids. It was very generous of her. She gave the other to the audiologist to use in their loaner bank. So, at least Owen hasn't had to go without a hearing aid while this was all straightened out. Evidently, TEIS used to purchase three year warranties with their hearing aids (makes sense for a birth-to-three program - then they would never have to pay for any repairs). Well around the time they purchased Owen's hearing aids (which was also a time consuming process), they stopped getting such long-term warranties with them, so this was the first repair that anyone had to deal with that wasn't under warranty. TEIS has decided they will pay for the repair, and I'm very grateful for a program that pays for hearing aids, repairs, speech therapies, and audiology appointments that would not otherwise be covered by our insurance. One day most of this will be coming out of our pockets, so for now we'll just accept a six-week delay in repairs. I'm sure this was all much more information than you cared about, but it's just an example of the stuff that goes on around here.

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