Friday, July 23

Bundle of joy

This is my brother's family. They have been visiting us for the past few days. Are they beautiful or what? (I hope he doesn't mind that I stole this photo from Facebook) His daughter, Gabriella, is three weeks old today. I feel so privileged a) to have been at the hospital when she was born, and b) that they came to visit us with such a newborn. These people are pros! They make having a newborn look like a piece of cake. :) My brother works for Microsoft and one of their perks is one month of paternity leave. I told him he better hold onto that job until they are finished having kids, because I can't think of a better job benefit. James has every other Friday off and I thought I was the luckiest wife to get to have her husband for a three day weekend every other week. This girl gets to share newborn parenting duties for a whole month! Yeah Microsoft! And how great for my brother to get to know and spend lots of time with his daughter in this most precious time of their lives.

Anyway, it's been fun getting to hang out with them and remember what newborns are like. It's also been cute to see James hold her when he comes home. I've noticed him search her out and ask to hold her. Maybe there's another baby in our future?

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Rebekah said...

Awww! So sweet! Newborns are the best, but there's no more in my future. I'll just borrow yours when you have another?? :) Hope you guys are enjoying your visit!