Sunday, July 25

The Adventures of Nana and Grandfather Hemrick

Sunday evening 07/25/10
Hello Mr. and Mrs. American and all the ships at sea (if you know which newscaster used this as his opening, you are either old than I am or good a history. Grandfather Hemrick here, guest blogger this week. James and Angela are with the West Towne Christian Church (WTCC) Middle Schoolers on a mission trip to Indianapolis. They left early this morning, but brought Katherine and Owen over last night. Grandfather and Nana’s task is to fulfill our right and spoil our grandchildren. When James and Angela return they can “re-program” their children. In the mean time I will be make entries during the week on this unique experience for all four of us. The last time they stayed with us for a week was exactly one year ago this week. Wonder if I need to enter this as a permanent week????? We have had a wonderful day. Got up and went to services at WTCC (Laura and I attended our church, Faith Promise) last night before they came over. This afternoon was three hour nap time (see why I said wonderful.) Late this afternoon our church had the “Amazing Race” for preschool through fifth grade. It was a lot of fun. You had different stations with different task. Later there was a concert, but we opted out, it was rather loud, even for me. Right now Katherine (yes it is grandfather’s right to call her Katherine), Owen and Nana are reading a night time story.
So stay tuned for the “Adventures of Grandfather and Nana.”
Good News Bad New Who Knows (wait until the end of the week to find out that story)

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