Friday, July 30

Busy Day, but No Photos

If you are looking at this for the first time in a week, I, Grandfather am guest blogging this week (yes I know it looks like James is doing this) so you need to go back to Sunday June 25th to catch up on our adventure.

It was a busy day for all of us. After breakfast I headed out to mow James and Angela’s yard. While I was doing that Nana, Katherine and Owen went to the Brendan Hill Library for Baby Book Worm (children under 3). After that Nana and I mowed our yard while Katherine and Owen watched the entertainment. After this Nana, Katherine and Owen picked tomatoes from garden. Then Katherine and I washed the lawn mower (and me), filled the bird bath and filled the bird feeders. Both Katherine and Owen took long naps this afternoon. After supper the four of us worked on some crafts. This is their last night with us, James and Angela will be back tomorrow afternoon. Sometime early tomorrow afternoon I will make my last guest entry along with the story “Good News, Bad News, Who Knows.” Until then good night.

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