Thursday, July 15


We had nowhere to be yesterday. We just hung out at home and did whatever we wanted to. Kate and I spent a good while this morning labeling things. What do I mean? Well, pretty much, if Kate looks at it, it got a label. She chose most of the things that got labeled. Here are a few examples.

It was actually kind of fun. Owen's early interventionist used to teach pre-school at the school for the deaf and she is always suggesting things I can do at home - such as this - that she did for her kids. Not just in the classroom, but for her children at home. I'm no pre-school teacher, and usually I think "That's a great suggestion, if I only had a little more time on my hands...". But this was a pretty quick and easy thing to do. Probably every mom of a pre-schooler did this and you're all thinking I'm a deadbeat mom for just now doing it. Oh well. It kind of looks like clutter to me but that's ok. We'll get used to it. And it's really only in Kate's room and bathroom, plus a few random labels in some other rooms. She's already showing Owen, "See, this says table". Let's read!

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