Saturday, April 19

Major Trouble

I had to post this picture. Any time a dad in Tennessee can put his infant son in camouflage, I think he is obligated by the state to post a picture.
Some friends of ours gave us a bunch of clothes for Owen that their son had outgrown, which was absolutely wonderful. It happens that the dad of the family who gave us these clothes is a Marine. So, we got some fun stuff like this camouflage "Major Trouble" shirt. I think with the hearing aid in, Owen could be special forces. What do you think?

NOTE: Bonus post below. James is on the computer while everyone is sleeping...


Tom said...

Pat, where did you and I go astray with our children, allowing our grandson to wear, gulp, Marine gear. Please go to the BX immediately and correct this problem. AIR FORCE ALL THE WAY.

Deb Coley said...

I couldn't agree more, Tom...something HAS to be done!!