Thursday, May 1

That's one happy kid!

Owen turned 5 months yesterday and I thought I'd add a post to show how much he's grown over the last month. He has really filled out and is looking like a chubby, older baby these days. No more fragile newborn look for Owen. I think he's weighing in around 16 pounds. It looks like he's caught up on his weight pretty well. Kate just might be in trouble one of these days!

Here are a few pictures to show how he looks now. His eye has cleared up and he has developed the biggest grin. Everyone at church on Sunday was commenting on his smiles and the ladies in the nursery said he was smiling at all the girls. The boy loves to smile! Someone said his grin is so big, you can tell from the back of his head when he's smiling. Good stuff!


Choate Family said...

Hooray for happy and healthy babies.

toro said...

There is your Air Force onesie! That makes the grandparents proud!

Robin (James' cousin)

toro said...

Happy Mother's Day Angela! Wish you were here!

Robin, Todd, Frankie, Shelli Jane, GG, The Johnson's, Tom and Laura