Thursday, May 22

What's in a name?

Kate has been trying out a few nicknames for Owen over the past month or so. It's very interesting to see what her two-year-old brain comes up with. This is a list of the nicknames she has tried.

Owey Oatmeal
Chubby Bubby
O-bud or O-bub
Owey Child
and finally...
Pigeon, sometimes shortened to Pig-ey (not to be confused with piggy)

This last one stuck for some reason. I don't even know where it came from, but James thinks it's because I call him "my little smidgen" - as in 'a very small quantity or portion' (though he's not so small any more). Whatever the reason, it's cute that she has her own nickname for him. I wonder if it will stick. If it does, I bet he'll hate it! Oh well, what's in a name anyway?

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