Tuesday, June 3

Memorial Day Weekend

James' parents came to Knoxville over Memorial Day weekend to help us with some yard work and home repairs. A dump truck worth of mulch was spread in the yard, bushes were removed, trees were pruned, and flower beds were expanded. Tom and James also sanded the deck (with Kate's help) and stained it.
The highlight of the weekend for Kate though was Grandfather had built her and Owen an easel over Spring Break and finally got to bring it to her. This is her breaking it in with Nana and Grandfather. After the Hemrick's left, we made our first family trip to the Fountain City duck pond. Kate enjoyed feeding the ducks and "fishing" with a stick she found. Owen just took things in from his carrier.


Tom said...


Remember the time you went to fed the ducks at the park in Tucson and the ducks got behind you and took the bread out of your hand.

The Adkins Family said...

No duck attacks?

I'm not sure Connor will ever let us take him back to the duck pond. We drove past it the other day, and I heard a little shriek come from the back seat!