Tuesday, June 10

Good Weekend

We had a nice weekend. James had Friday off (well, he went in for a conference call, but was home by lunch). I really love his 9/80 schedule with every other Friday off. I'm really spoiled by it now and it will be really hard if/when he ever has to give that up. Anyway, it was just on of those weekends we all really enjoyed being in each other's company. Not that we don't usually, it was just a lot of fun. On Friday, Kate, James and I made surfboards so we could "surf" to one of Kate's favorite songs. There's a video that came with the CD, so she likes to watch the video and surf along with it.

Saturday, we took the kids to the farmers market in Market Square. We had planned on riding the trolley while we were downtown - so we had Owen in a carrier (hot! not to mention heavy!) and Kate had on regular clothes. But, it ended up that Kate just wanted to play in the fountains and it turns out the trolley doesn't run on the weekend. Next time we'll put Owen in the stroller and Kate in a swimsuit and it will work out better. We even ran into some friends from church with two girls Kate's age and they go every week. James also saw someone from work. I love Knoxville! We're always running into someone we know.

I also took Kate to get her haircut on Saturday. I've been trying to grow it out, but Kate's just not one of those girls who likes to have her hair done and when she does happen to sit still long enough for me to do it, it doesn't stay anyway. She loves to be outside and she sweats like no two-year-old I've seen, so it was always a mess. And I was sick of the in between stage, so we went for the bob look, which just suits her so well. Here is a PG-13 picture taken of her before church on Sunday.

It was just a really nice, relaxing weekend. Now, James is out of town for two and a half days, so I'll be on my toes this week, then it's off to the beach for a few days at the end of next week. Yeah! I can't wait to get the kids in the water!


Craig said...

I like the flower on James's surfboard. Very manly. ;)

Choate Family said...

I too love the surfing, totally awesome dude!

Rebekah said...

Oooooh! I love your new layout! Hope you are having/had a great vacation...I've been thinking about you guys and hoping you're having fantastic weather.