Thursday, April 3

Easter in Belleville

We spent Easter and the following week in Belleville, Illinois with my parents. James has an annual meeting in St. Louis that we tag along to and make a nice long visit out of. This year it happened to fall on Easter. We got everyone dressed and headed to my parents' church - IN THE SNOW! It snowed much of the morning but didn't accumulate. We put the kids in the nursery and luckily they were in the same room, so Kate got to 'help' with Owen. Later that day we had an easter egg hunt in the basement (it was snowing, after all). We had a tough time getting Kate to leave opening the eggs until after she had found them all. Aunt Becky helped her open all the eggs afterward (and helped eat some chocolate?). It was a very nice visit but it flew by. We got to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law and it was the last time we all got to see my sister before she "deploys" to the UAE. As if you can really call Dubai a deployment, Carrie... (Just kidding!)

It seems like it's really tough to get good pictures these days, as Kate is never in the mood when the camera is out, or we're just doing good to have everyone awake at the same time, let alone smiling or at least not crying. But here are some of the pictures we took.

Check out those socks!

Probably should have taken pictures BEFORE church...

Kate playing Grandpa's 'pi-no'

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