Thursday, April 3

New Territory

James wanted to title this post "Can you hear me now?", but I ignored him.

Owen got his first hearing aid on Monday! He only got one, as they start children off with loaner hearing aids and the loaner bank is evidently running low these days. We received training on how to work the hearing aid, take care of it, and how to put it in - it's taking some practice! When the audiologist put it in his ear and started talking to him for the first time, he opened his eyes wide and looked over at her - you could really tell he was noticing a difference. She said it was definitely a positive response. Although he can hear normal conversation, the hearing aid should make it clearer and easier to hear certain soft sounds.

Right now, he's only wearing it for about 20 minutes, once a day when Kate is napping. You're supposed to start off in a quiet environment with only one person talking, so Kate pretty much has to be gone or sleeping. The guideline is a 4-week process to gradually ease him into wearing it all the time (at least when he's awake). We go back in 2 weeks to see how he's doing with the loaner and they will then write a prescription for his permanent hearing aids. I took some pictures on Tuesday, the day after he got the hearing aid (the audiologist called it his "hearing birthday"). She recommended the blue and white ear molds (which James says is a sign that UNC is going to win the NCAA championship). You can get those in any color. We might try clear next time - or maybe Tennessee orange. The hearing aids also come in any color (though not the loaners).

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