Friday, April 4

Here she is... Miss Miracle?

I know, I know, three posts in two days. You are stunned!

I realize I have gotten away from just posting about fun stuff, and Kate is kind of funny these days, so I thought of a few little things you might enjoy.

Kate loves to sing. She can keep a tune pretty well - though she's no Hero Ha, she is entertaining. Mostly, she likes to sing to Owen by making up songs to the tunes of ABC's and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Her favorite lately is Owey Owey Owey O, Owey O, Owey O (sung to either tune) - you get the picture. It's amusing. Owey is pronounced with a long O, as in Owen and is her nickname for him. She also calls him Owey bub, or Owey child (I don't know where she picked that up, but she's been calling him 'child' this week).

I mentioned that Kate's really been coming out of her shell. The other day we went to Kroger around lunch time. As we were leaving, she noticed a few employees eating lunch together at a table outside. She said something about eating lunch and I said yes, we would be eating when we got home. She said, "No, Mom. I want to eat lunch with them!" and pointed behind us at the group at the table. Just wanted to make a few new friends, I guess.

One more. Yesterday Kate and I were playing in her room and she found some Mardi Gras beads we brought home from Nana's house. She loves these necklaces and was very sad when she put a few of them on Mattie, who broke them trying to get them off with her paw. Anyway, she put one on me and then got this little twinkle in her eye. She smoothed my hair a few times very gently and said, "You Miss Miracle". She's been playing with a few older girls lately who like to dress up, and I imagine they were pretending to be Miss America. Either way, I'd take being Miss America or Miss Miracle in her eyes. I never know what she's going to come up with!


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i just tried to leave you a comment without actually remembering to type the comment. no, i'm not tired or anything (I'm trying to stay awake until the end of the UT game...) Anyway...GEESH! I don't check for a couple days and you go crazy on the posting! :) I LOVE the Miss Miracle story. That is too precious. And I'm so excited for Owen's reaction to his hearing aids...that's cool that he noticed a difference right away. I forgot what else I was going to say...maybe I'll remember it later. But, maybe not!