Thursday, March 20

A Day Out

This past Sunday we took advantage of the nice weather and had an afternoon outing to the Knoxville Zoo. Kate was experiencing cabin fever from the rain and cold and not being able to play outside. I think Angela may have had a little cabin fever as well. We had a nice time and most of the animals were out, although many were sleeping. Here are a few pictures. None of James, as he was taking the pictures, and none of Owen, as he slept in his stroller the whole time (the boy can sleep when he is in his car seat). I think Kate may have enjoyed the carousel in the Kid's area more than the animals. It was neat for her to actually see some of the animals she hears about when watching "Diego" on TV and to hear her tell us which animals she likes or dislikes and why. You never know what you are going to hear with a two-year old.


Akinol said...
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Rebekah said...

OK, what's with the random comments?? I just got one on my blog. Weird.

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