Saturday, March 8

Trip to Nana's

Last weekend we finally ventured out of the state on our first road trip with Owen and our first road trip in the Odyssey minivan we got in January (yes we are no longer cool and hip, like we were before).
For this monumental trip we made a long over due visit to Nana and Grandfather's house in North Carolina. This also provided a chance for GG (great grandmother, James' aunt and uncle Martha and David, James' cousin Robin and her kids Frankie and Shelly Jane to meet Owen. It was an eventful time with both the grandchildren all and great grandchildren together with GG. Kate enjoyed playing with someone actually smaller than her and was really sweet with Shelly Jane. She was good about sharing her blocks and playing gentle. Grandfather took advantage of the visit and showed Kate his classroom where he is a TA at Davis Drive Elementary School. Kate was impressed with all the artwork and told James she was ready to go to big school. She also enjoyed both the playground at the school and the playground across the street at the local park. These were two of the three playgrounds she visited during here two days in Cary (I am sure that had nothing to do with the fact that Grandfather is on the Cary Parks and Recreation board). On the way home from Cary we even got to stop in Bristol, VA for ice cream from Dairy Queen (this was actually mom's request, not Kate's and a run in the park. It was a great first trip with Owen and the van (which sure beat making the 6+ hour trip in the Subaru). {Note there is another new post below}


Lidiana said...

your family is beautiful.

I live in Brazil,

I'm from Rio de Janeiro.

kiss for you.


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