Thursday, March 6

Clean Slate For Now

I wanted to post an update on last Thursday's day of testing. The CT scan revealed what we already knew, Owen has "crazy small" ear canals. This may contribute to his hearing difficulties, but he still has some mild hearing loss not associated with this that will require hearing aids. Angela and Owen went to UT on Thursday and had ear molds made for the hearing aids which will be fitted later this month. The blood work for both the ENT doctor and our pediatrician all came back normal. So it does not appear that his hearing loss is linked to any other problems or conditions and his lack of weight gain may just be due to him not getting enough calories. Hopefully the addition a bottle to his feeding regimen will add the needed calories to his diet and we will see a marked increase at his next weight check next Friday. The sweat chloride test for cystic fibrosis also came back negative. So overall, all the testing came back with positive results and we are blessed to have a pretty healthy but hungry little boy with some mild hearing problems that can be corrected with modern technology. Thanks for your prayers and support during this time. Hopefully we can get some new pictures posted soon.

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