Tuesday, March 11

Making a warship and other fun things...

Kate is starting to play a lot more on her own these days. She will go play by herself in her room or bring toys out to the living room to play. I know this isn't anything special, but it's progress for us as I can't constantly entertain her with Owen. I think she has an imaginary friend, or else it's just someone to refer to when she's playing. Her name is "Beya" - I'm not really sure how to spell it, but that's how it sounds. We hosted our small group this weekend and there were three girls here playing with Kate. She really enjoyed having friends over to play (we haven't done much of that lately). At one point, they were all playing downstairs where we have the kitchen things and the music-making toys and I went to check on them. kate was standing at one end of the room playing her guitar and singing to the other girls (who weren't paying any attention). Later I asked what they played downstairs and Kate told me "I make warship". I finally figured out that she was saying "worship" and that she was singing like she was leading worship. She loves to come with us into church and watch the people up front play piano, drums, and guitar. Her favorite things to play with are blocks or anything she can put in a box, bag, or pocket or line up together. Here is a picture of the "train" of toys she made while James and I were cleaning the house on Saturday. Very left-brained.

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