Tuesday, March 18

Jesus is Alive!

This month's memory verse for Kate's Mother's Day Out program is "Jesus is Alive". The other day when I picked Kate up from MDO, the director told me Kate has really been coming out of her shell and had even volunteered to go up front in circle time and recite the memory verse into the microphone. Last month, she kept saying "God is love" and now, for the past few days, Kate has been going around saying "Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive!" I got onto her at lunch today because she wouldn't stay in her seat and she was in the middle of the kitchen, dancing in circles, singing "Jesus is alive!" She said, "Mommy, I just singing Jesus is alive!" Later, I felt badly that I had missed an opportunity to discuss and worship with my child about Jesus. May we all seize every opportunity to rejoice about the miracle of Easter. Jesus is alive!!! May you have a blessed Easter.

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Ken said...

That was beautiful!