Wednesday, April 22


I don't mean to take over Angela's blog, but I seem to have time lately to post, while Angela has not. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to reflect on things, whether it is Angela being gone, time with the kids, trying to be more environmental, or my latest thought this week - simplicity of living. It has been a crazy week for us starting last Wednesday when Kate threw up at church right after dinner and then threw up in her bed Wednesday night. She was better Thursday, but Owen got it and was throwing up Friday night and woke up Saturday morning to a bed full of diarrhea (very pleasant to come in to first thing in the morning). He seemed to be better Saturday, but Angela got it Saturday night and I had it by Sunday night into Monday. I think we are finally over the sickness, but it was a rough week, especially the weekend in the Hemrick house.
Now I am stressed over a week of work where everything is hitting at once (of which I already missed Monday and was supposed to be off Friday - I may be working at home), I am hoping Angela is over her sickness (she was still feeling kind of funny last night) and that the kids don't get it again, and I am having one of those weeks where events keep me thinking about the choices I have made and am making about life. Things like career, lifestyle, where we are serving, and what we should be doing with our resources (not necessarily in that order, as the order changes daily).
Anyway, I came across by chance a blog yesterday that Angela has linked on this blog ("Remodeling This Life" - I wanted to repost a piece of it that I came across yesterday. This sounds like our life lately and maybe what we should be doing more of.


My laptop? Broken.
Internet connection? Broken.
Dishwasher? Broken.
Vacuum cleaner? Broken.
Kids? 2 ear infections.

Some days I have grand plans to get all sorts of things done. Maybe this all is my reminder to just stop. Let the dishes pile up for a few hours, let the sand spend more than 3 minutes on the floor before it gets cleaned up. Let the emails go unread for a day or two. Sit down and snuggle the ones who need me. I am pretty sure this is a not so subtle nudge telling me to slow down. Prioritize. Appreciate. Today, I plan to do just that.

Not knowing I was thinking about this last night Angela gave me a great present when I got home. She had brought to my attention earlier in the day that she had heard Ben and Jerry's was giving away free ice cream cones. When I got home she was not feeling up to it, but she sent Kate and I out for ice cream while she put Owen to bed. Needless to say, free ice cream, my little girl (who was on her best behavior), and beautiful TN spring night made for a perfect end to a hectic, stressful day. So, sit down and snuggle the ones you love...slow down and enjoy some simplicity.

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