Monday, April 6

Another Weekend Survived

I am happy to report that Owen, Kate, and I survived our "weekend without mommy". We all missed her greatly and were glad she safely returned Sunday afternoon.
In her absence we enjoyed time at the "playria" (play area) at the mall, a morning of cooking pancakes from scratch, a two hour trip to the park, an afternoon playing in the back yard while daddy made burgers on the grill, a ride around Knoxville looking for the Tinkerbell movie, movie night with daddy and Kate (we had to settle for a Barbie princess movie), and an afternoon at church - while I played basketball (our friend Tiffany watched the kids), we waited for Angela to return, and we went to the monthly kids program and dinner Sunday afternoon. A couple pictures of the kids doing their favorite thing, swinging, are below. Welcome back mommy...

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